Reporting Automation for lingerie eCommerce brand – MarieMur – Case Study

About the client

MarieMur is a US premium D2C Shopify brand that sells luxury lingerie.


MarieMur previously operated based on the founders’ instincts and didn’t have precise analytics, missing out on opportunities for growth through data-driven insights. Each department managed numerous spreadsheets manually or accessed various software platforms separately to review performance metrics.


Implemented E-commerce Data Infrastructure from scratch (web tracking, data warehouse, and BI)


Integrating a Business Intelligence solution (Looker Studio) alongside a BigQuery data warehouse, and consolidating various data sources into a unified platform, enabled MarieMur to reclaim over 20 hours per week previously spent on manual reporting.

With the eCommerce data infrastructure in place, they now effortlessly monitor key performance indicators (MER, revenue, ad spend) in real-time, enabling hourly updates. Furthermore, the improved reporting helped calculate essential unit economics metrics. And bespoke dashboards (Cohort, RFM dashboard, etc) helped easily find revenue opportunities for the client.

Moreover, we assisted MarieMur in setting up web tracking, configuring GA4, and establishing GTM to ensure accurate data tracking.

Tools Used

  • Looker Studio
  • Google Sheets
  • GTM
  • GA4
  • Hotjar
  • Bigquery
  • Google Optimize
  • Stitch Data
  • PowerMyAnalytics
  • Elevar

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