Web Analytics Configuration for premium Shopify brand – Fleurdumal – Case Study

About the client

Fleurdumal is a high-end D2C brand that offers a range of exquisite products, including lingerie, ready-to-wear, and swimwear, and operates on the Shopify platform.


Fleurdumal encountered issues with inconsistent data across various marketing platforms like Shopify, Facebook, and GA4 due to the recent privacy updates. To ensure maximum data accuracy, the brand had to make adjustments to its current tracking, which required technical expertise, such as implementing Facebook CAPI. 

Additionally, Google’s announcement of the Universal Analytics sunset which required transitioning to GA4 and posed a challenge for the internal marketing team as it is a new tool with a steep learning curve and they were unsure how to use it effectively.

Besides that, paid Shopify analytics apps for the data layer like Elevar won’t work correctly with Fleurdumal’s theme and cause data loss in GA4 that’s why we need to use a custom solution for the data layer configuration.


Web Analytics Audit, custom Shopify data layer setup, UA to GA4 migration, GA4 training session to adopt new tools


  • 95%+ sales data alignment between Shopify after server-side GA4 migration using Stape
  • Educated the marketing team in utilizing GA4 during a workshop session
  • Implemented Facebook CAPI through GTM to achieve maximum conversion accuracy
  • Configured a custom Shopify data layer for comprehensive coverage of key eCommerce events
  • Tailored GA4 to the client’s specifications, including custom reports, custom channel grouping, and custom dimensions
  • Set up A/B testing tool (VWO) via GTM

Tools Used

  • GTM
  • GA4
  • Hotjar
  • VWO
  • Stape.io

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