How to remove fbclid from Google Analytics

If you have your business Facebook page and publishing different posts with your website`s links, you will notice in Google Analytics an additional parameter (fbclid) that messes up reporting. FBCLID is a Facebook Click ID that added by Facebook to all outbound links clicks. Here is how it looking in GA.

In this blog post, you will understand how to remove it.

We can easily fix this problem. To do it we need to navigate to Admin and then View settings. Here we just need to enter ‘fbclid’ into the Exclude URL Query Parameters box.

Now everything will be okay. This setting isn’t retroactive so you can see the stripping parameter only in the future.

Does it affect Facebook Pixel’s ability to track data?
No, this is only removing the query parameter from GA.

May it somehow to affect Facebook Analytics and Ads?
No. It wouldn’t harm your ads and tracking.

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